More Bashes For Your Enjoyment!

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Some Bashes and Dioramas

Here are some images of my earlier work.

Follow links to Winkflash albums for many images.

"88" Flak-Abteilung (mot) 606, DAK May 1941 

Individual Images of the crew and many closeup of the details added to the 88mm anti tank gun.

Look for album in Winkflash link below:

High Ranking Officers

And many of my earlier miniatures here:

"... the stars, they are so close..." - Stalingrad 1942 

More images of this dio based on the last scene of the movie 'Stalingrad'

in album on Winkflash

Look for album titled "001- Special Dio Projects " among albums that come up on the link.

On the Road to Niijmegen 

Many images of the scratchbuilt cart and more angles on this well known jovial FJ

in the same album as Stalingrad Dio on the left(Winkflash).

 Band of Brothers Tribute

Tribute / Display and other BOB type figures.

Link to album here:

Panzer Types

Whermacht Types

 LW Herman Goring Division

Look for many "HG" bashes in the Winkflash link.


German Paratroopers in Italy

Late War German Paratroopers